New beta firmware for Colorado GPS Receiver

Colorado 3.52 Updater

Garmin has released a firmware update for the Colorado.  What’s exciting is that they added Chirp support.  There were mixed messages coming from Garmin tech support as to whether or not the Colorado’s hardware was capable of talking to a Chirp.

Colorado Beta 3.52 Screen Capture

Colorado v3.52: Download

  • Added support for chirp™ detection. This software update will allow Colorado units to detect previously-programmed chirp™ units. See for details on which units are chirp™ compatible. NOTE: Due to the hardware present in Colorado devices, chirp™ detection range may be less than that of other compatible devices.
  • Updated magnetic Earth field data.
  • Fixed issue with certain JPEGs not drawing from Custom Maps.
  • Fixed issue with Oblique Mercator User Grid distances.

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  • Swamper68 says:

    Garmin Dakota 20 also has the ability to check for Chirp caches.
    I just noticed it on the last firmware upgrade. V. 3.80
    To enable go to:
    You can turn on Chirp searching
    You can also program Chirp from there.

    Now to buy a Chirp or find one!

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